Passion makes Chennai youngster own dance group

By M P Jesu Priya Published on Oct 03, 2017 12:50 PM IST

Chennai: A resident of Guindy, VK Pravin’'s hobby and passion is dance. He is part of a team called as Unique Dance Crew (UDC), that has been participating in several shows and contests.

A student of visual communication from a private university in the city, he started dancing at a young age and has appeared in a few dance shows on television.

"When my parents saw me first time in a TV show, they were really happy and proud. That was a big encouragement for me,’" he says with pride. His style of dancing includes western and folk.

"Some people have the spark inside them but they do not know how to develop it. They need a push and this is what I got from my parents and friends,"’ says Pravin.

"I grew up watching Micheal Jackson and used to imitate him. My friends used to tease me about my style of dancing, however, that did not stop me from doing what I loved."

He has been part of many inter-school dance competitions.

"‘In my school I was able to participate in several contests. But things changed when I joined college as there were several restrictions. This is when I formed my dance team UDC. We started going for many competitions and won a few too. My team is very supportive as everyone is in coordination and hard working."

When asked about his future plan, he says, ‘"I am proud of myself and it won’t stop here. Life knocks us down sometimes and it is up to us to continue or let go. I am determined to never let go."’

Pravin can be reached at 9841033326.