With Train 18, future is here

By S Vishnu Sharmaa Published on Jul 23, 2018 02:31 PM IST

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Chennai: There is a happy news for the city on the railway front very soon. The modern train being built by Integral Coach Factory (ICF) is likely to be rolled out this September.

According to sources, the train which was supposed to be launched by July will now likely be rolled out by September. While it takes about a year or two to build such a train across the globe, Train 18 is said to have been built in a record time of 16 months.

Sources further point out that ICF will make six such train sets, out of which two will have sleeper coaches. What makes Train 18 so special? The train being made to promote Make in India is capable of travelling at a speed of 160 kmph.

Unlike in the case of LHB coaches or EMD locomotives, where technology transfer is involved, Train 18 is said to have been designed by ICF without any technology transfer and with the help of consultants.

Train 18 also doesn't require an engine to run as it will be self-propelled on electric traction like Metro trains. This, it is said, will replace inter-city express trains including Shatabdis.

The train sets are said to have traction motors under each coach. This will make them self-propelled and the need for using an engine to haul the train is done away.

When it comes to passenger comfort, prominent feature is fully sealed gangways that connect one compartment with the other. Passengers will be able to move from one compartment to the other without any hassles owing to this.

Another major feature in this is location of driving points at both ends. This can mean that the turn around time for the trains drastically comes down.

The composition of the train is said to be 16 coaches, two will be executive coaches and 14 are to be non-executive coaches. The seating capacity of executive and non-executive compartments is 56 and 78 passengers.

After roll-out in September, the train is said to undergo extensive trials by Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO). After trials, the train will be ready for passengers.


* Onboard WiFi and infotainment.

* Continuous windows for a better viewing experience.

* Automatic interconnecting doors.

* Zero discharge bio-vacuum toilets with touch-free bathroom fittings.

* Coaches will have space to park wheelchairs.

* Automatic entry and exit doors for coaches with sliding footsteps. These will open when the train halts at the platform.