Will never sing Ilayaraja songs again: SPB

By NT Bureau Published on Mar 19, 2017 03:13 PM IST

Chennai, Mar 19: After music composer Ilayaraja shot a legal notice on his longtime friend and playback singer S P Balasubramanyam for singing his compositions at concert in USA without his consent, the singer has vowed not to render any songs of his numbers in any stage in future.

SPB had recently performed some of the hit songs that he sang for Ilayaraja, at a concert in Los Angeles and for which, the latter has sent a legal notice to the organisers and the singer.

He stated in his notice that they didn’t get any prior permission and have to pay a heavy penalty for their act.

In his Facebook post, SPB, wrote, "I was surprised when I got a legal notice from Ilayaraja for the concert we performed in USA. My son S P Charan organised a series of music shows across the world to celebrate my 50 years in cinema and we have been performing at Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and USA. I wonder why problems arise only when we stage a show in USA."

"I have no big knowledge about rules and laws. But after the notice was served on us, we have collectively decided not to sing his songs anymore on stage. I have sung for many other composers, which I will be performing on stage’. ‘I urge all music-lovers not to make an issue out of this," he said.

SPB and Ilayaraja share a great rapport for over four decades. The latter has sung several thousand songs set to tunes by maestro since early 1980s.