Senior citizens get Chennai park to open its main gates

By V Padmasini Published on Aug 04, 2018 05:07 PM IST

Chennai: The main gate of the Nageswara Rao park on Luz Church Road in the city which has been used for decades was closed.

This was because many visitors find it difficult to walk on the steel pipes which have been erected in a row in front of the main gate to prevent cattle from entering the park grounds.

There is no hand rail for support at the entrance and so visitors experience difficulty in crossing these bars. To overcome this problem and make entrance to the park easier a revolving gate (turnstile) has been placed on the eastern side to enter the park. However, this arrangement was not welcomed favourably by seniors.

They said, “The ramp at this revolving gate is raised and has no railings to hold on to, due to which we find it difficult to walk on the slope and need help.”

“Entering the small gap of the revolving gate with a walker or walking stick is also not easy. We have now stopped visiting the park, because of its tough approach. We want the park gates to be opened from 6 am to 10 am and 4 pm to 7 pm,” they added.

Following representations from several seniors, railings have been put up on the slope towards the turnstile and the gates at the entrance and back are now being kept open.