Why Vadapalani Murugan temple is famous

By NT Bureau Published on Nov 10, 2017 08:42 PM IST

Chennai: If you think Vadapalani in the city is only known for movies and theatres, you might be wrong.

There is also a lot of spiritualism and culture hidden in the small but highly developed locality.

And more importantly, there is a lot of cultural history, thanks to the presence of Vadapalani temple.

Also called as Kartikeyan, Kandhan and Kumaran, Murugan is the Tamil identity for warfare.

Tamil literature of the 1st-century CE and earlier says Murugan is always found with fire. Vadapalani temple was built in late 19th century. It all began when Annasamy Naicker, a staunch devotee built a small thatched hut, placed a painted picture of Him and began worshipping.

Speaking to News Today, one of the temple priests, said, "Annasamy Naicker had chronic stomach ache that he could not find cure to. He travelled to far away places, visiting sacred temples of Muruga in spite of very limited to no transport facilities. He went to places like Thiruthani, Thiruporur braving the rains, cyclones and thieves on the roads."

"One day a Sadhu appeared in Annasamy Naicker’s dreams and asked when Murugan is right in your house why do you go in search of Him all over. Then he retuned home and shared the story with his family. One day, following the word of a Palani Sadhu he had met, Annasamy offered his tongue at Thiruthani temple which put an end to his ailments," he added.

Besides the major festivals like Sashti, Thaipoosam and Panguni uthram, during Karthigai, Murugan is offered special Abishekam, decoration and is taken on processions in the evenings. Adikiruthikai and Thai Poosam are celebrated with fervour.

Many sannidhis are there in the temple courtyard including Varasiddhi Vinayaka, Chokkanathar, Meenakshi Amman, Kali, Bhairava, Shanmuga with Valli and Deivaanai. The supreme deity in standing posture resembles the Palani Muruga.

A resident of Perumal Koil street and class 10 student, Lakshmi, said,"Murugan is my favourite among others not because the temple is near my house but due to the fact that he is a great war hero. He killed Surapadman which is one of the greatest achievements of all time in the history of Tamilnadu."