Vendors in Chennai suburb take up road space

By Mercy Angeline C Published on Dec 29, 2017 12:43 PM IST

Chennai: Bus commuters at Pallavaram in the city suburb are a worried lot. The cause for concern being a few vendors near the bus stop, who have taken to the road to conduct their daily business.

Speaking about this, a longtime resident, Shravan Kumar, said, ‘"Three of these vendors sit right in the middle of the road. I wonder why they choose to risk their lives’. It may be noted that the Pallavaram bus stop has two points, with a few MTC buses and other long distance buses having commuters boarding and de-boarding just outside the facility, while the other services ply inside the bay."

The two points are demarcated with a thin bare concrete surface, where commuters wait.

‘It was while standing here that I noticed that these sellers, by occupying a major portion of the road, give little space to buses. Vehicles, as a result, move past them in a close manner. Despite this, these women remain unperturbed and carry on with their work’, he said.

"While this is another usual instance where roadside vendors are seen eating away space earmarked for pedestrians, their sheer callousness is completely ridiculous’," stated another commuter, Supraja Subramanian.

‘They can very well find places elsewhere and run their businesses, rather than risking their lives and that of others by settling on the road. Whenever I read news articles pertaining to road accidents involving MTC buses, I think of these vendors.

It is the concerned officials who have to cut a sorry figure if any untoward incident occurs here. I urge the authorities to look into the issue with utmost urgency’, she added.

According to an MTC official, who on anonymity, said, ‘"These sellers might have bribed the traffic policemen to run their business. They must have thought that they could cater to more number of people by sitting in the middle of the road. It is clear that they are making profits’."