Use solar energy to pump water: Grundfos

By NT Bureau Published on Jun 02, 2017 07:22 PM IST

Chennai: As part of 'Make in India' initiative, Grundfos launched Smart Solarz, a solar pump for both domestic and residential use.

This solar powered self priming pump was conceptualised, designed and manufactured in India to utilise the use of available solar energy.

Managing director of the firm, N K Ranganath said,"It which was envisioned and created in India and is reliable, robust free for homemakers. It is easy to install, lightweight and has low maintenance features. All this along with the fact that it runs on solar power, makes it an ideal choice for many uses and customers."

Speaking to News Today, Ranganath said, "Suburban, rural areas are our major target. Apart from AC current and solar energy utilisation, the pump also works on battery and UPS mode Also, we have successfully tested this pump in various places of India including Bangalore, Indore during winter season."

Company's, segment head, domestic building services, V V Ramanan said, "This solar pump extracts 400 litres of water in a hour during efficient radiation. Though the atmosphere is little cloudy, the amount of UV rays in the atmosphere will

power the solar pump. Also, we have used food grade engineered polymers in making for environmental safety."