Uncleared garbage in Chennai worries residents

By Swedha Radhakrishnan Published on Aug 06, 2018 04:09 PM IST

Chennai: Stray cattle block roads and unchecked sewage overflows on streets. Almost every conceivable civic problem plagues IIT Colony in Pallikaranai, in the city, said residents.

V Venugopal, who recently moved to the locality, said, “Garbage is scattered all over the road outside my house and cows frequently rummage through the waste. When I asked around, my neighbours said there were two garbage cans at the corner of the street. Civic workers once removed them, but did not put them back. After the bins vanished, residents started throwing waste on the road.”

“Door-to-door garbage collection appears to be an alien concept here and residents continue to simply toss rubbish where the dustbins once stood. Repeated attempts to lodge complaints have proved pointless,” he added.

Another resident Dhanapal said, “Even when there was a bin here, residents threw waste on the road. We held several meetings asking residents not to throw garbage on the road, but still they repeated the same. We are fed up of giving complaints to officials, who do not bother to take action.”

This news report is based on the inputs of V VENUGOPAL, a resident of Pallikaranai. He is our Journalist of the Week.