Two-way traffic restored at Vadapalani junction

By NT Bureau Published on Mar 31, 2017 03:42 PM IST

Chennai: The traffic police have restored two-way traffic on Arcot Road near Vadapalani police station junction, making way for hassle free movement of vehicles coming from Kodambakkam. The move comes as a big relief for motorists plying towards Virugambakkam as they can now bypass at least two kilometers of the route, which had to be taken around to reach the junction, so far.

One-way traffic arrangement was made on the portion of the road which extends for 100 feet from the junction to Vadapalani Post Office, to facilitate flyover work. But even as the flyover was thrown open for use three months ago, the one-way rule stayed. So, the flyover benefitted the vehicles using the Jawaharlal Nehru Road by helping them skip the signal, while motorists plying towards Vadapalani from Kodambakkam had to still take the Duraisamy Road which connects with Ashok Nagar 21st Avenue and finally joining with the Second Avenue.

Due to the detour, the traffic congestion on the Second Avenue became unbearable as a heavy flow of vehicles from Arcot Road were directed towards this narrow stretch. "During evening hours, it is extremely tough to negotiate this road. Vehicles choked the entire width of the road and it is even more tough for pedestrians to walk through," says Rahul Mahadevan, a resident of Vadapalani. It takes at least 20 minutes to travel this entire route around during peak hours," he adds.

And the 20 minutes of travel time is now cut down to two minutes with the restoration of two-way traffic system. However, the rule has been relaxed only for bikes and other light vehicles so far, while MTC buses and other heavy vehicles must still take the route around. 'It is necessary that the two-way system applies also for the MTC buses.

Every time I travel to Vadapalani depot from Kodambakkam by bus, I get off the bus right when it takes the route diversion and walk to the depot to save time. Making this route available for buses will benefi t a lot of passengers by reducing the travel time,' said N Andal, a bus commuter.