Twin interest for Chennai suburb brothers

By P T Usha Published on Jul 29, 2017 11:22 AM IST

Chennai: For twins Tyson and Douglus (19), the game of football is taking them places.

Being twins, they are also getting a lot of attention. News Today caught up with the duo who are residents of Pammal.

Q: Since when did you both start practising football?

A: We began playing the game right from our young age, but we started taking it professionally five years ago. We have participated in a number of tournaments.

Recently, our team was the runner-up for Tiki-Taka , another version of football. Apart from that, we have played league matches in association with Chennai Football League (CFL) and also won many matches. Also, we participated in a number of district level tournaments in the U-14 category.

Q: What are your current plans?

A: Currently, we have signed up for a club to play in the under-20 category. We aspire to play for senior division soon.

Q: Who is your inspiration?

A: Our father is our first inspiration. He liked playing the game but he couldn't become a professional player and so he motivated us when he saw our interest towards the game. We also love Diego Maradona's style of playing. We even employ some of his styles too.

Q: How are your practice sessions like?

A: Mornings are reserved for football. We practice hard during this time and also undergo special training at our academy thrice a week. In the evenings, we do leg work-outs in the gym. Our coach Dicken from Pammal helps us immensely. He is an ex-trainer from NIS (National Institute of Sports).