Travelator soon a reality at Chennai airport

By Balasubramani Muniyandi Published on Oct 12, 2017 04:26 PM IST

Work on the travelator on at a brisk pace at Chennai airport.

Chennai: Passengers to Chennai airport may soon find it easier to transit between the international and domestic terminals as the work to complete the travelator to connect them is happening at a brisk pace.

The travelator was part of the phase I modernisation of the airport; however, this was not completed due to various reasons. The airport was upgraded and modernised by the Airports Authority of India in 2013 with an investment of over Rs 2,000 crore.

Despite all the amenities, it was difficult for passengers to go from one terminal to the other as the distance between them was close to 1 km. Electric cars are being run now between the terminals for the benefit of passengers. However, a travelator was a pressing need.

Talking to News Today, Chennai Airport director G Chandramouli said the work on the travelator began a few months back and the deadline set to complete the work is March 2018.

"We are working to complete the project by this December and till now it seems achievable. Even if a passenger lands in the wrong terminal, they do not have to depend on anyone. They can just hop on to the travelator and carry their luggage along with them to the right terminal," he added.

He further said the delay in the project was because the original plan was to have an air-conditioned travelator.

"There were practical problems in fulfilling that. We did not want to delay the project further, so now we have decided to have natural ventilation," he added.

He said the estimation for the project is Rs 40 crore of which Rs 25 crore will be spent on the construction work and the remaining, for installation-related works.

The travelator will not just connect the airport terminals but also link the Metro's first floor concourse area. Passengers using Metro rail can directly get on to the travelator and reach their desired terminal.

"The steel frames to complete the structure have been unloaded and it is expected to be fitted in the frames at the earliest," he added.

The travelator will be located just below the bridge that connects the departure of the international and national terminal.

Passengers who take the travelator can reach the arrival or departure gates using the lift at the terminals, he said.


It may be noted that there is a small travelator within the airport after security check for the benefit of transit passengers.