TN has 1/10 of tiger population in India, says official

By Balasubramani Muniyandi Published on Jul 28, 2018 06:16 PM IST

Chennai: On account of International Tiger Day on 29 July, additional principal chief conservator of forests, Project Tiger - Tamilnadu, A Venkatesh, said various programmes will be conducted in the tiger reserves across the states.

Speaking to 'News Today', he said Tamilnadu has 1/10 of the tiger population in the country.

"When it comes to tiger population, Tamilnadu is fourth.  Close to 22 per cent of forest resource is tiger reserve. We are doing well in protecting the animal. Awareness is created among the public about anti-poaching and the importance of animals to maintain a balanced eco-system," he said.

He further said the All India Tiger Census was being carried out this year.

"The census is taken once every four years. It was last taken in 2014 during which it was estimated that 229 tigers out of the 2,226 in India were living in Tamilnadu. This exercise will get over by October after which the government will announce the actual number of tigers," he said.

He further said when it comes to conservation, quality of the tiger habitat is very important.

"We cannot have a concentrated population of tigers in one area. The eco-system should be balanced: the number of herbivores in the place should be sufficient for tigers to feed upon," he added.

He further said another important aspect of tiger conservation was watershed management.

"The forests where tigers live is usually green and water is found in abundance," he added.

Talking about tiger-human conflict, he added, "The last incident was reported two years ago. Now, people are being educated about this and conflicts have come down. Reception from the public and their cooperation has also increased manifold. Fodder availability inside the reserve forest region has been ensured so that tigers do not stray into living areas. We have been creating emotional and intellectual awareness."