Telecom providers get monsoon-ready

By Balasubramani Muniyandi Published on Nov 02, 2017 02:54 PM IST

Chennai: The 2015 Chennai floods and the 2016 Vardah Cyclone had instilled fear among city residents. One thing common during these natural occurrences was the communication failure. This time around, the police and telecom providers have assured that all necessary arrangements have been made to tackle any situation.

During the 2015 December floods, communications were completely shutdown due to the intense rain and the following floods.

A few telecom providers then stated that either the generator would have been flooded or the engineer might not have been able to reach the base station switching centre to switch on the generator.

In 2016, during Cyclone Vardah, once again the communications were hit badly and this time it was because a majority of the cellphone towers installed in the city were damaged.

Relatives of families who were stuck in the flood-prone area were unable to reach out for help due to the lack of communication.

The desperation of people to get in touch with their kith and kin through phone during the flood and cyclone was best seen atop bridges in the city. People bunched together on the bridges or their housetops trying hard to find a signal to make a call to say that they were alive and well or ask for the safety of their loved ones.

Recently, police officials stated that necessary measures have been taken to ensure that communication is not lost during the northeast monsoon.

The officials added that the generators were inundated during the 2015 floods and now they have been replaced and raised to a higher ground.

Similarly, a few telecom industries also stated that they have repaired the damaged network towers.

Speaking to News Today, Vodafone India, business head (Tamilnadu), S Murali, said they are working towards providing uninterrupted mobile connectivity.

"We have taken adequate measures to handle the monsoon this year in Chennai and the adjoining coastal areas of Tamilnadu in case of any natural crisis," he added.