Techie in Chennai is State football player

By Swedha Radhakrishnan Published on Jul 11, 2018 04:49 PM IST

Chennai: Football is a craze for many youngsters and 25-year-old S R Ram Karthick is no exception.

A resident of Velacheri, in the city, he is a State level football player. However, he has taken a break from his game, due to his work schedule. He is employed at an IT company.

“I started playing football when I was five. I was in Karaikudi that time. I was not alone, as everyone in the area used to be fascinated by it. When I was in 10th standard, I was selected to play for a State level competition. In higher secondary, I became the captain for my school’s football team. I also played regularly when I entered college. I was in the sports team and we had participated in several football competitions,” said Ram.

He added, “My coach Srinivasan, who trained me from class six, was very motivational. He was the only reason for my success in the game. My family was not very supportive as they thought studies only mattered. I was selected to play in the he State level, but was not able to because of my SSLC exam.”

After his 10th Board exam, Ram started playing regularly. He managed to create an identity for himself in football.

“When I joined college, I promised my couch Palanivel Raja, that I will win and get him the cup before leaving the institute. As I said, I won the cup in my final year,” he said with pride.

About his practice time, he said, “My session will be before and after school and college hours. However, after I joined work, I could find no time to play football. The only chance I got was weekends. So I stopped taking part on tournaments.”

There are several football fans in the area and during the World Cup, we all come together to cheer and support our favourite players. “My greatest inspiration is Ronaldo. My seniors and coach asked me to watch all his games, the way he plays and to learn from it. In college they used to call me as Ronaldo because they said, I have the same spirit in playing the game,” Ram concluded.

He can be reached at 7397224148.