Teacher in Chennai tells about being a child's role model

By Praveen Kumar S Published on Sep 12, 2018 05:01 PM IST

Chennai: As per an old saying, guru comes before god. Such is the importance given to teachers in our country. ‘News Today’ caught up with L S Shanthi who has been into teaching for nearly two decades now.

“I started teaching in 1996 for kindergarten students. I was passionate about teaching and could not put my finger on a reason. I just wanted to teach,” said Shanthi, who at present is working as an assistant professor at a private engineering college.

“Three years into work, my correspondent guided me to do post graduation. I was a teacher, but I was still learning from my superiors and elders,” she said.

Shanthi, a resident of Venkatapuram, in all these years has seen it all, from primary school to arts college and now engineering college as well. She says there are loads to tell if one asks about her experiences that started out with toddlers and has now spanned to teenagers.

“I thought teaching would be easy because I was so passionate about it. But I could not have been more wrong. Students, especially young ones see teachers as their role model. Some even imitate you in the way they speak unconciously. It was then that I realised that teaching is actually a daunting task. One has to be very careful with their conduct,” said the professor.

However, the difficulties did not put her down. Instead, she chose to come up and take up the profession happily.

Speaking about Teachers’ day celebrations taht had taken place, Shanthi said,”It was quite a few years ago when I was working at school. A child named Deepika who was in her second standard wanted to act like me during the celebrations. We allowed her and what came next blew my mind. The girl did everything I do. It was very inspiring to know that a person can have such influence on children.”

With lots of changes happening in the society, Shanthi said it is not just the parents and students who have changed with time.

“Teachers nowadays, especially new ones, do not see the full picture and lose temper easily. They need to handle children and students in a composed manner. I think part of the reason is that people nowadays see the money and that commitment is at a loss.”