Tanzanian teen undergoes rare surgery at SIMS

By NT Bureau Published on Jun 14, 2018 03:32 PM IST

Chennai:  A 19-year-old Tanzanian teen, who suffered from a rare birth defect was treated successfully at SIMS Hospital, Vadapalani.

Amour Sauda Suleiman was struggling from Omphalocele right from her


It is a defect that leads to contents of the abdomen protruding out of the abdominal wall. In Sauda's case even the liver protruded out making her condition worse. After unsuccessful attempts in her country, her case was referred to the SIMS Hospital.

Two weeks back, the doctors at SIMS performed the complex surgery that took four hours.

"This is a very rare case which comes to one in every 5,000 live births. When we first saw her we decided to create a space in her stomach to set the liver in its place. To create the space, we injected a litre of air into it through a fine tube daily for over a period of two weeks to increase the abdomen size. This method is called Pre-operative Pneumoperitoneum (PPP)," said director and senior consultant of Surgical Gastroenterology, SIMS, Dr Patta Radhakrishnan.

"It was a challenge to create the space and we even used Botox

injections to relax abdominal muscles," he added.

The patient has now recovered and she is expected to be discharged on Friday and will be flying back to Tanzania.

"She is feeling very happy and the next thing is to fly back to Zanzibar to take up her education," said Laura, a family friend of Amour Sauda.