Tanzanian scientist survives double kidney transplant

By NT Bureau Published on Jan 30, 2018 04:08 PM IST

Chennai: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, says a popular phrase. Tanzanian scientist, Pius Z Yanda, who was diagnosed with multiple conditions also suffered from renal failure, did just that by showing grit and mental strength to recover after his second kidney transplant in 2016 at MMM Hospital in Chennai.

He delivered Malathi Venkatesan TANKER Foundation Memorial lecture on 'Living fruitfully after two kidney transplants' at the 25th Annual Charity and Awards Night of the TANKER Foundation (Tamilnadu Kidney Research Foundation) here on Thursday.

On Sunday, he will be flying to Geneva to speak on climate change in the United Nations.

The Tanzanian scientist said, "Today, I am happy and I encourage other renal failure patients who think that it is the end of the road, to remain positive. My condition and ailments were worse, but still, I made it."

He has been coming to Chennai to undergo treatment and in 2016, he had a second renal transplant. "My country needs to have better awareness, prevention, early screening and specialists who can care for people with kidney diseases. I am trying to bring in a change there," said Yanda.

He received TANKER Foundation's 'For the sake of honour award 2018' from Sundaram Finance managing director  T T Srinivasaraghavan for  exemplary work in his field to spread awareness about kidney diseases.

Speaking on the occasion, TANKER Foundation managing trustee Latha Kumaraswami said, "Nearly 2.5 lakh people die in India due to kidney failure. After cancer and heart diseases, renal ailments are the largest killer in India. From 1993 until December 2017, TANKER Foundation has provided 2,29,726 free and subsidised dialysis for 1,223 patients. We have also provided financial support of Rs 1.33 crore to 2,864 patients as one-time contributions ranging from Rs 5,000 to Rs 50,000."

TANKER Foundation also gave away awards to Ahmedabad-based Dr Vivek Kute for research; Dr K V Kishore Kumar of the Banyan for going beyond the call of duty to serve the underprivileged; Nadiad-based Dr R M Manohar and Dr Bhupendra Gandhin for lifetime achievement and Jayashree Ravindran of Ability Foundation for creating awareness.