Tambaram railway ground is a delight for residents

By Konda Somna Published on Nov 04, 2017 01:51 PM IST

Chennai: Residents of Tambaram in the city suburb are fortunate as they have one of the biggest grounds in Chennai.

The Tambaram Railway Ground situated at East Tambaram near the Tambaram Railway Station in the locality is maintained by Southern Railway authorities.

The five-decade-old ground is spread across 800 metres in a circular shape.

Several youngsters play football, cricket and volleyball and the ground has an indoor court - Southern Railway Institute - that has a shuttle court, and also boxing and martial arts training are provided. Apart from it, there is a wedding hall exclusively for railway employees.

"The ground has hosted district-level football and cricket tournaments drawing huge crowds. Many players were trained in this ground and have excelled in their respective sports. ‘I was trained by coaches when I was studying and now, I train my own children in the same ground. The ground has greenery with a variety of trees and it the only lung space that the area has," said Ahmed Hussain, coach, Tambaram Friends Football Team.

"Every year on 15 August, the Southern Railway Institute conducts sports meet for its employees and their children. There would be big gathering and prizes would be distributed," said S Kumar of Mail/Express Guard. "Tambaram Railway ground has been a lifeline for me and my family to spend time over the years," said Sneha, who visits the ground regularly.

With perfectly laid circular road for walkers, thousands of people go for walking in the morning and evening. Also being adjacent to Tambaram Railway Station many come by train from far-off places to the ground to take a stroll.

However, residents collectively say that the ground needs more illumination, so that it would be helpful for walkers and others to play.