SWELECT partners with US company to produce fresh water

By Bhavani Prabhakar Published on Jul 30, 2018 12:20 PM IST

 K V Nachiappan, Robert Bartrop, R Chellappan, A Balan

Chennai: SWELECT Energy Systems Limited, in partnership with Zero Mass Water (ZMW), a US-based firm, has come up with 'Source,' a new technology to increase the availability of the natural resource - water.

Using sunlight and air, Source's hydropanel extracts pure water, mineralises and delivers water to a tap that can be used for any purpose.

In a conversation with News Today about the effectiveness of SOURCE, Zero Mass Water, executive vice president-business development Robert Bartrop said, "A single unit of hydropanel can generate five litres of water per day. The panels take less than an hour to produce a litre of water. The equipment also has the ability to extract pure water from the moisture even if it the environment is contaminated with pollutants."

"Through Source's hydropanel, water independence can be achieved as air and sunlight are the only prerequisites; it doesn't consume electricity to run the operation. In addition, the panels use the inexhaustible renewable energy to supply fresh water," added Robert.

"The project also aims to reduce plastic usage. Now that the State government plans to ban plastics, SOURCE water would be of great aid as people do not have to rely on bottled water when the supply is independent,"SWELECT Energy Systems,said managing director R Chellappan.

The Source hydropanels have already been installed in 15 countries across five continents and has been successful. Currently, a single unit of the hydropanel is priced at Rs 2 Lakh and will last for about 15 years. The panels are manufactured in the US and is made of steel, combination of solar PV, material science and other technologies.