Subway in Chennai area flooded with rain water

By NT Bureau Published on Nov 14, 2017 12:56 PM IST

Chennai: It is a nightmarish experience to drive on Madley Road Subway at T Nagar in the city where seepage is at alarming levels after the recent rains.

Raising the issue, Karthikeyan of Lake View Road said," ‘The entire subway is wet with continuous seepage of water from the walls and we risk our lives driving through here,"

"Already a lot of accidents have taken place here but no action is taken to solve the issue,"’ he complained.

"‘Another trouble is a lot of dust and sand club with water and pose a serious threat to the commuters,"’ he continued.

"Right from the opening of the subway, seepage is there and our repeated plea is not attended to,"’ said a woman resident of Madley Road.

"Before the next rains, they should act and stop the seepage in the subway,"’ she pleaded.