Stagnant sewage water in Chennai area irks many

By S Solomon Raj Published on Jul 27, 2018 01:25 PM IST

Chennai: Stagnation of drainage water that overflows from a building on Pari Salai, Mugappair, in the city, near TNSC Bank, is spreading diseases in the locality, say residents. Vehicles passing through this road are splashing that dirty water on the pedestrians, they alleged.

Mallika, a resident of Mugappair East, said, “For the past one month, dirty water is overflowing from the drainage sump of that building. It is stagnating even in front of my house and other shops nearby. The stench is unbearable.”

“I came to know that the drainage pipeline from that building got broken while constructing storm water drains. When its owner approached the Corporation officials to replace the broken pipeline, they diverted him to Metrowater officials. When he reached the Metrowater authorities, they asked him to pay Rs 60,000 for connecting the pipeline. He also paid the money and got cash receipt but still now no steps have been taken to set things right,” she added.

Finally, she said, “This is an important road in this locality. Many pedestrians and motorists are using this to reach Collector Nagar, JJ Nagar and Mugappair East. We request the officials to connect pipeline immediately and clear the blocks on the main channel.”