Sri Krishna Sweets offers authentic Ela Saapaadu

By Praveen Kumar S Published on Jun 28, 2018 03:32 PM IST

For those who miss eating traditional Tamilnadu food served on vaazhai elai (banana leaf), the time has come to rejoice.

Kick-starting the age-old tradition, that was lost to steel/plastic plates and even plastic banana leaves, is Sri Krishna Bhavan (SKB)'s 'Ella Saappaadu'.

Part of Sri Krishna Sweets, the meals are available at SKB's Triplicane and V N Road outlets for Rs 150.

There are different combinations of sambar, kootu, curry, vathakuzhambu and pickle available, not to mention different types of payasam as well.

Having gone there on a Wednesday, I was served carrot kheer payasam with boonthi pachadi along with beans thenga curry. But the highlight of the dishes served was kathirikkai kara curry and vazhaithandu kootu.

Rice served was pacharisi and the kuzhambu was vendhaya keerai sambar, which was slimy and tasty. But the combination of the sambar with the kathirikkai kara curry was the standout. There was vengaya vathakuzhambu as well, that went well with the kootu served.

The food was reminiscent of the feast served at marriage halls. I learnt that the chef was one who has had many years working behind the scenes at marriages.

His expertise meant that the food stayed flavourful and tasty, as Tamilnadu food always is.

You will also be served ghee, paruppu, curd, more and appalam. Banana and beetel nuts are served after you complete the meal. The food is unlimited as well.

Futhermore, garlic is added to any one item on Saturdays, otherwise there is no garlic used.

Food is not the only highlight at Ella Saappaadu. The whole atmosphere was very traditional as well. Each person has his/her own table and a bench. The bench is covered with a cushion and jamakkalam, as was done during the olden days.

The concept of reviving traditional practices was the brainchild of SKB's top man.

Having been launched at two places right now, six more outlets are in the pipeline.

The menu is changed everyday. Sri Krishna Sweets has also introduced the concept of outdoor catering, providing breakfast, lunch and dinner as per customer's requirements. For details contact 1800 102 2343.