Short film Lakshmi stirs emotions on social media

By P T Usha Published on Nov 13, 2017 03:42 PM IST

Chennai: Among the array of short films that portray feministic views in a wrong perception, Lakshmi is the latest. The Tamil short film has created a wave of emotions on social media since it was uploaded 10 days ago.

Directed by Sarjun K M, the film is about a woman, Lakshmi (actor Lakshmipriya), who has an extramarital affair (or one-night stand, to be precise). Though the movie is not claimed as a feminism-oriented movie, the idea of 'feminism' featured in the short film is said to be quite irrelevant and misleading to actual feministic thoughts.


The plot which conveys how the character, Lakshmi, gets into a relationship after marriage could have been done in a better way. The movie portrays the character initially as a middle-class woman who does her daily chores and also takes care of her child.

Once, after she comes to know that her husband is having an affair, the woman sees a guy, gets interested in him and at a point gets convinced that there is nothing wrong in having a sexual relationship with him. This psychological attitude portrayed seems like a competition that if a husband has an illegal relationship, it is alright for the wife also to have an affair, which is wrongly featured.


Lakshmi, the central character, convinces herself that 'middle-class women should have middle-class thoughts'. So what are upper-class and lower-class thoughts? Associating and restricting a particular way of thinking and psychological behaviour to a particular class is unacceptable.


The inclusion of Bharathiyar quotes in-between the scenes seems to have no connection with the plot and it seems to give just a brand image for incorporating feministic views. The short-film, one can say, has not raised any bar.

Director, Divya Bharathi, who made the documentary film Kakoos says. "If the movie is claimed to be a feministic movie, I would have opposed this. But this is a story plot that just conveys the director's point of view. This may portray some misconception about feministic ideas but it does not deserve this much hype. End of the day, this is a normal story," she says.



Film industry watcher Asha says, 'The hype created on social media for the movie is too much. When people can accept Gopurangal Saaivathillai, Sathi Leelavathy and a series of movies like that why can't they accept this? Why does everyone talk only of Lakshmi's character? Why is no one ready to question Kathir or Lakshmi's husband? This is a standing example that our society and behaviour is wrongly understood. If at all this is happening, why would they want to interfere in Lakshmi's personal life?'