School students turn teachers to explain Physics to kids

By Mohammed Rayaan Published on Jul 24, 2018 01:27 PM IST

Chennai: Early this January, a bunch of students from class 10 to 12 of Sri Ram Dayal Khemka Vivekananda Vidyalaya at Thiruvottiyur in the city attended, 'Young Scientists India', an event organised by Space Kidz.

They saw several projects created by students of other States but were disheartened to find that not many were from Tamilnadu. This ignited a spark in them to take action and teach underprivileged students physics.

The students, Akash, Aadhithya, Abishek and Harish of class 11 along with Preeth, Hareekrishna, Krithik and GuruPrasad of class 12 started 'Passion Tech' 'an initiative to teach students, targeting especially those in classes from six to eight and bring in them an interest with science.

"We teach the students from poor economic background as they don't get to study subjects in detail," says Preeth.

The students decided to start concentrating on teaching physics to lower class students as they felt most of the basis of science depended on it.

"We build different physics models and conduct workshops across the city and teach students," says GuruPrasad.

Models like Quadcopter, RC Planes, Impulse Generator, and other such ingenious prototypes are displayed at workshops and they are used to kindle a sense of curiosity among the students they teach.

The Passion Tech team also uses these models to teach physics definitions like Bernoulli's theorem, Newton's laws etc.

"Most of us have studied these definitions theoretically," explains GuruPrasad.

"And many don't understand. Even if you ask them Pascal's law, many don't know. But when we explain them through practical application, they start understanding."

The Passion Tech team which started with eight students has now slowly grown with more than 25 students who are passionate 'teachers'. The team not only teaches physics but has also started teaching other subjects as well, with a clear plan.

The team members dedicate their sense of curiosity to teach and source for motivation to two teachers- Sheeba and Thilagavathi.