Savour Arcot delicacies at Le Royal Meridien food festival

Chefs Manjula and Nandakumar.

From 'Let's grab a bite from a nearby fast food eatery' to 'let's order some food online for dinner,' people are getting addicted to packed / instant foods.

The time when people cannot even think about 'healthy' food has come. But, chef Manjula has come out with the solution for this. She says with right masalas in hand, cooking prawn, fish and other seafood is a matter of just 10 minutes.

Unravel the delicious secrets of the Arcot heritage at Navaratna restaurant in Le Royal Meridien. The guest chef, Manjula, well-known for her crafted recipes of the region, will take your tastebuds on a traditional journey.

Mutton curry

She, along with executive sous chef, Nandakumar, Le Royal Meridien, will bring to the table the delicacies of Arcot from 1 to 10 September.

Well-known for spicy, non-vegetarian dishes, they have Veral Meen Varuval, Pichi Potta Kozhi, Nethili Manga Kozhambu, Mutton Mullangi Kozhambu Vaniyambadi Kozhi Briyani and more.

Among this, Pichi Potta Kozhi becomes everyone's favourite. The food is made without bones and targets children. The soft chicken tissues are put together with handmade spices and can be a perfect side dish for any tiffin item.

The Nethili Manga Kozhambu needs special mention. While adding mango gives a special flavour to any non-veg dish, this is a mouth-watering one. The smell itself takes us to Arcot's traditional aroma. The taste is balanced perfectly and the mango flavour blends so well with this.

Crab masala dish

One will definitely sweat while trying the Nandu Kurumilagu (pepper crab masala). People say, 'The more you sweat, the more essence of the food you get.' This Nandu Masala is very spicy and is said to be a very healthy dish. The chef says, 'As all the masalas are handmade, the original essence of spice will get into your tastebuds. People with cold can try this out to beat it.' Never miss crunching the crab leg.

Coming to vegetarian dishes, they have Murungai Milagu Rasam soup which by the name itself says how healthy it is. The main course dishes like Kothavarankkai Verkadalai Poriyal, Pakoda Kozhambu, Jeeraga Kozhambu are all served with traditional Ponni rice.

Kola urundai

Stomach full, one can turn to the excellent desserts. This will undoubtedly soothe your stomach. If you taste the Ilaneer Payasam, we bet you will have at least four cups.

Reserve some space for the traditional Makkan Peda as well.


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