Rotary Club in Chennai aims to go eco-friendly

By Aaditya Anand M Published on Aug 04, 2018 04:13 PM IST

Chennai: The MM preview theatre at Kodambakkam in the city recently hosted the installation ceremony of the Rotaract Club of Chennai Towers, which saw its sixth president, Vignesh Chandran, taking charge.

Speaking on the theme of the event which was ‘No papers and plastics’, Mohan, a member of the Rotaract club of Chennai Towers, who also helped in forming the club says, “The initiative was aimed at reducing the usage of plastics and papers.”

“Plastics are hazards to the environment while several trees are being cut to produce paper,” he adds.

He also states that since the event is all about welcoming the president, for which paper would be required, the team ensured that the oath was memorised by the new office-bearer.

The screening of the same was done in front of government school children who were present at the occasion, it is learnt.

At the event, palm plates and stainless steel tumblers were used for replacing papers and plastics.

“Also, instead of giving the chief guests mementos, we gave them boxes of sweets,” Mohan adds.

Talking about the club’s future projects, he says, “There is this new trend of sanitary napkin vending machines, but these napkins are non-biodegradable, so our club aims to manufacture a machine that makes them bio-degradable. We are planning to install it in women welfare NGOs first. Also, we wish to start a project called bioscope that screens documentaries to school children and a calendar project where photos of cancer patients will be taken and published as a calendar. The money we get by selling these calendars will be given to the Cancer Institute for treatment.”

For more details, contact Mohan at 9600006470.