Roopa from Chennai attempts Guinness record in doll-making

By P T Usha Published on Sep 14, 2018 03:12 PM IST

Chennai: You think dolls can make only children happy? No matter what your age is, happy face dolls always excite us. Now, how about creating your own dolls and decorating them with jewellery? Interesting isn't it?

Meet Roopa Sanjay from Chennai who is a part of two-month-old Sanskruthi Doll Makers and Crafters Association, which mainly intends to promote doll-making.

The organisation recently conducted an exhibition in city as a Guinness attempt, showcasing about 1,359 handmade dolls, all made in 28 days. Forty participants from Nellore, Kanyakumari, Cuddalore and Hyderabad took part in the exhibition. With the huge success from the exhibition that had more than 2,500 visitors, Roopa urges the nation to work for the promotion of doll-making and encourage housewives to indulge in this art.

"Dolls are not only for Navaratris, but also symbolise Indian culture about dresses, festivals, heritage and more," says Roopa.

"In just two months we have got about 93 members across the country. We want the country to look into this art of doll-making. We make sure dolls are not made of plastic. Instead we make dolls out of jute, papier mache, clay, polymer clay, cloth, coconut leaves, corn leaves and naturally available materials," says the doll-maker.


The enthusiast says, "Our main objective is to pave the way for housewives to earn money. In addition, this self-employment boosts confidence. Also, we have a couple of transpersons in our group. We are aiming to include them more in this business. Many of them still hesitate to come out and take part. Apart from this, we are conducting workshop in many schools, colleges and NGOs. We also give special attention to teaching this art to women from backward classes."


"Doll-making delights creators, psychologically. They create happy dolls, decorate them and bring out the smiling face that is in their mind. Once they start doing this, they want their next doll to be different," she adds.


She elaborates, "We want to make education simple. Social studies, especially history, is always a boring subject for students. So, we plan to recreate kings faces and civic activities in our society like panchayat and exhibit them in schools. This will make the subject interesting and help them remember it better. Soon, we will be exhibiting more handmade dolls in Bengaluru and Hyderabad."


"Facebook group helped us come together and we have members across the world. This is a big milestone for a newly started organisation like ours," she says.


Roopa says firmly, "Women learn this with so much of interest - because they naturally have this habit of dressing up. They are emotionally attached to the dolls and treat them as their own child."