Roadside romeos

By R Chitra Published on Jul 16, 2018 10:59 AM IST

Eve teasing. What a misnomer for a whole gamut of actions that women are subjected to in this bustling city!

There are the wolf whistles that make a girl hasten on the road. And then there are people who whisper - not sweet nothings - or should it be blabber? - something while riding past you or walking past you.

Every girl would have experienced this at sometime in life.

A colleague recently had a weird experience while reaching office. She was accosted by a stranger - a youngster - on the narrow road. He struck up a conversation even as the girl kept walking.

He had seen her a couple of times and wanted to talk to her, he said. He said he would like to keep in touch with her and added that he was working for a top line IT company.

Though the girl was curt, it did not seem to affect him. He even insisted on giving her his mobile number and started reciting it.

Though the girl said she was not interested in keeping touch with him, he kept throwing the number at her. She was able to shake him off only on reaching the office. Now comes a revelation.

While the girl narrated this to a male colleague, he seemed to know that such a guy was doing the rounds in the area. He was aware that another girl in the office had been accosted in a similar, cheeky way on the same road.

What will they next think of to hit upon girls!

These seem innocuous compared to the nasty things men do to women but they are not to be overlooked.

What is the way out? For now, visible policing is the only solution. Only this would put fear in the hearts of the miscreants and shut them up.