Residents act swift to douse fire at OT

By NT Bureau Published on Aug 05, 2018 02:40 PM IST

Chennai: Residents of Ambattur OT today worked together to extinguish a pole fire today.

They managed to completely exterminate the flame with the aid of Fire Department. Police arrived at the scene to divert traffic. No casualties were reported.

When Veeramani Sekar, a resident of Ambattur was on his way to pick his son from a gym in Ambattur O T, he saw electric cables being gutted on fire. The cables that were hanging loose caught fire at 8.30 am on lasted till 10 am, sources said.

It is touted that the incident happened due to voltage overloading and the recent showers weakening cables. Improper maintenance of the lines are also said to be the reason.