Rash driving, bike racing at night worry many in Chennai

Chennai: Residents of Adyar and surrounding areas in the city are voicing their concerns against youngsters speeding on two-wheelers, thereby risking their own lives and that of others.

This problem, they say, is particularly common at Besant Nagar beach and ECR, where even illegal races are conducted.

A resident of Besant Nagar, professor Chandrashekar, says,”Over-speeding is a usual activity on the beach road. It has been going on for a long time, despite several awareness campaigns being conducted by senior citizens. We have been highlighting the need to wear helmets and avoid rash riding, but in vain.”

He says,”Most of the youngsters involve in these acts in an inebriated condition. At Siddhi Vinayakar Temple, residents need speed-breakers, as five roads intersect at this point and is hence an accident-prone area. Ten years ago, such bumps did exist. But we do not know why they were removed.”

At Palavakkam, a resident notes,”There is a Corporation school located on the side of the main road. In the evenings, when the institution closes for the day, many come on two-wheelers and perform stunts to draw the attention of girls.”

Residents also accuse food delivery men of riding in a careless manner at L B Road.

News Today’ subsequently spoke to a senior police official on this issue, who said, “We have asked the Traffic Enforcement department to come down heavily on this matter. At night, the Law and Order police conduct regular patrolling to avoid illegal races on roads. If anybody is found to be driving rashly, we levy a fine.”


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