Ramco Systems focuses on robotic ERP & HR

By NT Bureau Published on Nov 03, 2017 03:18 PM IST

Chennai: Ramco Systems Ltd reported a profit for the quarter at Rs 6.53 crore as compared to the loss of Rs 3.05 crore in previous quarter. The Chennai-based company said about 76 per cent revenues were contributed by markets outside India. Ramco Systems has offices in seven countries including Singapore, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Philippines filed the global consolidated income as Rs 117.21 crore and the revenue grows five per cent in Q2.

"Australia is already an established market for us. We see promising growth in Philippines, Indonesia and China which is the emerging market with bookings increasing for our HCM and global pay-roll systems. We are planned to launch our country specific pay-roll system soon in UK, New zeland and Ireland," said the company's CEO, Virender Aggarwal at a press meet here in the city.

Total income for the second quarter of 2017 marginally went up to Rs 1,172.12 million as compared to Rs 1,136.85 million registered during the same quarter of 2016. For the six-month period ending 30 September, total income increased to Rs 2,300.21 million from Rs 2,242.00 million registered during same period of last year.

On innovation front Ramco has been focusing on moving towards cognitive and robotic ERP and HR services. Ramco aviation launches "Line anywhere' for use by mechanics at Airport and 'Part anywhere," a block-chain hyperconnected B2B ecosystem to provide real time visibility of parts stock and price with suppliers globally.

Among other innovations like logistics block-chain and HR chatbot, the company is investing in building the use cases of Microsoft Holo lens in business operations across enterprises.