Rajini will win 23 LS seats, says survey

By NT Bureau Published on Jan 19, 2018 02:39 PM IST

Chennai: A latest survey has said the DMK will win 32 Lok Sabha elections in the upcoming Parliamentary elections, while the AIADMK will get six and the BJP-led NDA will secure one.

But hold on. The above results, according to the survey by Republic TV, will happen only if actor Rajinikanth's proposed party stays away from contesting the elections. And if it jumps the fray, the results will be: Rajinikanth 23, DMK 14, AIADMK 2 and nothing for NDA or UPA.

The survey said that Congress-led UPA will win the lone seat in neighbouring Puducherry.  It said Prime Minister Narendra Modi will come back to power  as he enjoys the support of 66 per cent of respondents, while Congress president Rahul Gandhi 28 per cent.

Overall, it said the NDA will win 335 seats and the UPA 89 seats.  As far as the neighbouring States are concerned, UPA will win 12 seats in Kerala, NDA 1 and others 7. In Karnataka, NDA wil emerge triumphant in 22, UPA in 5 and others in 1.

In Andhra Pradesh, NDA will win 12 constituencies, UPA 0 and others 13. In Modi's home State Gujarat, NDA will win 23, UPA 3 and others 0. In capital Delhi, NDA will win 7 and UPA 0.

In Uttar Pradesh, the country's largest State, NDA will 60, UPA 18, and others 2.