'Pyschiatrists and neurologists should come together to treat epilepsy'

By NT Bureau Published on Sep 16, 2018 04:04 PM IST

Chennai: The best solution to the alarming epileptic problem is to make psychiatrists and neurologists come under one umbrella and work together said Kousuke Kanemoto of Aichi Medical University, Japan.

He stressed on this point during the 16th M V Arunachalam Endowment Lecture titled 'Brainstorms and the Mind: Exploring the Borderlands Between Epilepsy and Schizophrenia'. The oration was organised by Neurokrish, a neuropsychiatry center, and Trimed therapy in the city, yesterday.

The professor said, "The separation of psychiatry and neurology may look modern but originally a number of epileptic cases need extra medical care such as job coaching and psychotherapy."

He also pointed out the situation by saying, "When a psychiatrist formed the Japan Epilepsy Society in the mid-1970s, 60 per cent of its members were psychiatrists and the rest were neurologists. But now, the society stands with only five percent of psychiatrists."

During the event, Murugappa group, former executive chairman A Vellayan, officially launched a mobile therapy unit donated by the Murugappa Group to the 'Buddhi on Wheels' programme, which takes integrated medical care to the doorsteps of patients.

The programme will also deal with the challenges of mobility and mental health that most people with neurological disability face.