Purohit calls for following eco-friendly path to preserve enivornment

By NT Bureau Published on Jul 01, 2018 03:25 PM IST

Chennai: Mere enjoyment and economic prosperity without sustainable development will be short-lived and short-sighted, said Governor Banwarilal Purohit.

Inaugurating the International Environment Day, Prime Minister's Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and Tree Plantation Day celebrations at the Government Higher Secondary School at MKB Nagar in Vyasarpadi here on Saturday, he said Indian festivals like Pongal, Chhath and Ganga Aarthi "teach us how to respect nature."

The Governor also called for following an eco-friendly path to preserve nature and 'bequeath' its resources to the future generations.

"It is our duty to preserve nature and bequeath its resources to succeeding generations in a manner that is sustainable, by following an eco-friendly path," he said.

"Our ancestors knew the practice of sustainable development. That is the reason why India has had a continuing civilisation for more than 5000 years. The agricultural practices were sustainable," he noted.

While many technological innovations in the last two centuries have improved the standard of living, "it is important to draw the line so that we do not exceed limits," he said.

"Today the use of petrol and petroleum products, the use of plastics and mindless dependence on artificial chemicals have resulted in serious environmental damage. That is why the nations of the world met at Paris in 2015 to control carbon emissions," Purohit said.

Global warming was emerging as a major problem and threatens to wipe out large populations if left uncontrolled, he added.

Purohit also listed out various initiatives undertaken in Raj Bhavan, his official residence, to "safeguard mother nature".

"Lights and fans and air-conditioners are switched off when not needed. The dry leaves that are strewn over the huge area of Raj Bhavan are collected and converted into vermi compost," he said, adding the compost will now be distributed to schools to encourage children to use organic manure.