Police complaint against actor Visu, lyricist Piraisoodan

By NT Bureau Published on Jul 26, 2018 03:54 PM IST

Chennai: Directors Bhagyaraj and Ramesh Kanna have filed a police complaint against director Visu and writer Piraisoodan for allegedly misusing Rs 37 lakh of South Indian Film Writer's Association.

Earlier, veteran director and writer Visu was the association's president and writer Piraisoodan was the secretary. Bhagyaraj's complaint also names Madhumitha, an office-bearer of the association.

According to their complaint, "The Writer’s Association election happened in 2016 after decades. Till that time, a faction favoured by Visu was in power. They had made tall claims about how they had set up a separate trust to oversee the funds the association provides to writers in need."

Later, it was said when Bhagyaraj took charge as president in 2016, the new management made several attempts to get in touch with Visu and Piraisoodan about the association’s funds and that of the trust. But they did not attend any of the meetings.

‘We have very little information about the functioning of the new trust, how it was created and so on. It was only recently that we discovered that the money to the trust has been diverted from the association.

As it stands, there is no legal link between the association and the trust. The previous members have done this without the knowledge of the other members of the organisation,' told Bhagyaraj to reporters.

However, Visu denied the allegations through a set of videos he sent from USA where he is under medical assistance. In his video, the writer and director said,

"I was in the office of the association for over 10 years, and have not taken even a single rupee for conveyance. The members charge the association for the food they eat at different hotels, but I have always brought my own food. To face accusations like this, at a time when I am going through dialysis, is very troubling."