Petrol price rises by 14 paise to sell at Rs 84.05 in Chennai

Chennai: Fuel prices have gone up again today in Tamilnadu. In Chennai, petrol price has gone up by 14 paise and was ruling at Rs 84.05 a litre. Diesel price was not far behind and it was 15 paise more expensive than yesterday: selling at Rs 77.13 for a litre.

In the last 10 days, petrol prices have gone up by Rs 2.30 and diesel, Rs 2.72 for a litre.

The government is blaming crude oil prices in the international market and the unprecedented fall in rupee value in India for the rise in fuel rates.

Despite discontent growing over the spiralling fuel prices, the Centre refuses to cut back excise duty on petroleum products.

Yesterday, the Congress had led other parties in a nation-wide strike against the giddy rise in fuel prices.


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