Panchayat in city suburb gives certificates online

By NT Bureau Published on Nov 10, 2017 05:38 PM IST

Chennai: Madambakkam will soon be the first Town Panchayat to issue birth and death certificates online. The development follows the move to digitise government offices.

It may be noted that currently, the public has to visit the Town Panchayat office in person to get the required certificates.

This is a time-consuming process and causes severe inconvenience to residents, hence the change.

According to sources, the scheme will first be implemented in Madambakkam as a pilot project, after which it will be expanded to the other Town Panchayats as well.

"All the necessary details have been uploaded in the new server," it is said.

Speaking to this paper, a Madambakkam Town Panchayat official said that going online will ensure that there is transparency in the work that is carried out.

"The residents can easily apply for government documents online and can track the status of their applications through the server. This will make work simple for those who do not have to spend additional time here at the Panchayat," the official added.

He further stated that the preliminary works for the server have been completed and that the launch is expected any time soon.

"Me, along with another official, recently underwent hands-on training to use the server," he added.