Palm seeds sown by Chennaiites in sapling-drive

By S Solomon Raj Published on Oct 04, 2017 05:02 PM IST

Chennai: Volunteers and children came together for sowing palm seeds. The initiative was organised by Pasumai Tamilnadu at Annanur pond in Sivasakthi Nagar, Thirmullaivoyal in the city. This is a second phase of sowing palm seeds in the waterbody by Pasumai Tamilnadu.

Around four volunteers and five children participated in this event from 6  to 9 am.

According to residents, there used to be a palmyra farm near the pond earlier but after some years it was converted into residential plots and apartments were constructed. So, to bring back palm trees, the team has taken this initiative.

This year the group has successfully sowed 50 plus palm seeds in the bunds and few spots across the pond. They also removed unwanted plants around the bunds.

Santosh, a volunteer, said, ‘"While coming here, we had around 30 plus seeds in hand and gathered 20 more. Before planting, we dug up the soil at the right spots. We hope this year we would get better outcome of palm trees. Because, the seeds that we planted last year got eaten by worms.

"Few of them have started to germinate, due to rain. We can expect for better results in six months or a year. Earlier, the pond had large volume of water with lotus flowers which the neighbours called ‘Thamarai Kulam’. Later on, it became polluted due to open defecation and lack of maintenance.

"Few years back, government converted the pond into a park and constructed a walk area around the waterbody. Residents started planting saplings and watering them regularly. But without palm trees the residential area may face water scarcity in summer. Palm trees have the capacity to preserve the ground water. That’s why, our ancestors planted palm trees near water bodies.’"

Pasumai Tamilnadu has planned to do more seed plantation drives in and around areas of Ambattur, Thirumullaivoyal, Ayyapakam. For more details, contact 9841990704.