NGO gives discarded clothes, books to needy

By Mercy Angeline C Published on Jul 07, 2018 04:56 PM IST

Chennai: All those clothes you have outgrown and old books can finally be put to better use, thanks to ‘Palaiyathum Puthithagum’, an initiative by the locality-based Awareness India Movement (AIM).

This proposal which loosely translates to ‘Old too can become new’, is aimed at bringing down the habit of disposing discarded items and instead giving them to the needy.

Speaking about this, AIM member, Vetrivel, says, “Many times, I have seen parents discard school books, as their children grew older. These end up at the old newspaper mart where it is used as trash. This is unfortunate, as a lot of trees have gone into the making of these books. I also felt that it might be helpful if I shared the discarded items to someone else. Hence I brought about this scheme.”

“Anyone can come and give old toys, clothes and the like. These would be properly ironed or bound, and given to deserving people. We are also planning to set up a small store in the locality, so that residents can just come in and drop their items,” he adds.

There have been cases when parents of sixth and eighth standard students came asking for CBSE books.

“They can either borrow the book or buy it. When we started this idea, we received a lot of storybooks and we were able to give these to many who were fond of reading. It gave us immense pleasure,”he states.

On what kind of items must be avoided, he says, “There were instances where a few clothes were torn. So we had to stitch them up. But sometimes, people give in their innerwears, which is not right. It would be better if such dresses are not brought to us.”

To be a part of this cause, call Vetrivel at 98840 49288.