New one way routes in Chennai to ease traffic

By NT Bureau Published on Jan 13, 2018 03:23 PM IST

Chennai: The traffic police have made portions of TTK Road, St Mary’s Road and Chamiers Road one-way stretches, at Mylapore in the city, a temporary arrangement aimed at ending piling of vehicles on the busy roads. ‘

During peak hours, lines of vehicles stretching from Hotel Crowne Plaza junction to Thevar Statue along Chamiers Road  and from GK Moopanar flyover to Kottur Gardens are a common sight.

"By making small changes in the traffic flow, we believe it can be streamlined. If it works and ensures smooth flow of traffic  the arrangement could even become permanent,’" said a police officer.

Police conducted a detailed survey with the help of NGO volunteers and based on the suggestions made have planned diversions.

As per the plan, vehicles from TTK Salai will have to turn left on to St Mary’s Road and proceed to Raja Annamalaipuram First Main Road before turning right on to Chamiers Road.

Vehicles from Adyar Gate Club Road can merge with the traffic on Chamiers Road, while those coming from Kotturpuram and Thevar statue on Anna Salai, will have to turn left at Crowne Plaza and proceed straight  on TTK Salai or turn right on to St Mary’s Road to reach their destination.