Neglected SWD in Chennai area irks many

By M P Jesu Priya Published on Nov 10, 2017 06:08 PM IST

Chennai: "After the 2015 floods, a new stormwater drain is being built to prevent water-logging in Vijayanagar at Velacheri in the city. The work on this project has not yet been completed," alleges Swaminathan, a resident.

"Vijayanagar is prone to water-logging. Every time it pours, most parts of the area get drowned. Considering this, funds were allotted to build a new stormwater drain. The work for it started two years back and is still going on at a snail's pace. Not even 40 per cent of the project is completed," he adds.

Residents say that the existing line is blocked at various places because of the current work.

"Unless it is completed, Vijayanagar will face more problems in the coming days," he says.

People say they have already brought this issue to the attention of the MLA and officials of Highway department.

"We have given several petitions to complete the work before the end of October. Now that the rain has started, we have no idea what the outcome would be."

"Our area was not affected much last year, but I am not sure whether the situation will be the same this year," says Lakshmi, a resident of Vijayanagar.

Added to the existing problem is the presence of some shops on the pavement, which not only affects traffic but also is a hindrance in completing the SWD.

"No one is taking action to remove these shops, which are a hindrance to public. These are the main reason for the slow progress of work," says Jayaraman, another resident of Vijayanagar.