MRTS at Mylapore in Chennai gains popularity

By V Padmasini Published on Jan 13, 2018 03:21 PM IST

Chennai: The Thirumayilai MRTS station on Ramakrishna Math road is no longer the quiet station with lonely corridors. The platforms are crowded  during the peak hours in the morning  and evening, in recent times.

Through the day too commuters  can be spotted entering and exiting the station, a contrast to the picture it gave  several  years back. The hike in fuel prices have increased the turn over of commuters here to a great extent.

During the early years of its inception the Thirumylai station  never overflowed with crowds even during the peak hours of the morning and evening. The platforms were deserted and lonely during late forenoon and afternoons. The trains were empty  and sometimes a coach contained very few commuters.

When the services were extended from the beach station to  Thiruvanmiyur and recently to  Velachery, there was a  marginal increase in the quantum of commuters thronging the station. It was however the fuel hike that has made it the popular transport of Mylapore.

Many middle class families have shifted to traveling by train so as to conserve fuel and also to cut down traveling costs. ‘Traveling to my office at Velacheri on my scooter is proving to be very costly affair with the rise in fuel prices. Sweating it out waiting for a bus and boarding a crowded bus is tiresome.

So I have opted to travel by the train which is proving to be more convenient and less costly than traveling by a two-wheeler. Traveling is faster and I am also able to avoid the tension of a traveling in crowded traffic,’ says a resident of Mylapore.

Previously I used to hire an auto for half the distance to my office at Thiruvanmiyur. Now with the hike in petrol prices auto drivers demand exorbitant rates. So traveling by the train has turned out to be cheaper for me’ said a woman commuter.

Having a prime bus terminus at Mylapore is no doubt convenient, and traveling is cheaper. It is however to be observed now that the hike in fuel prices have increased the quantum of bus commuters. People traveling short distances have opted to travel by bus rather than hire an auto.

Most of the buses are crowded. People who cannot afford to travel daily by their own vehicle but who can afford to spend a little more than a bus fare have opted for the metro rails and therefore the increase in crowds,’ explained a senior citizen.

Foreseeing only further hikes in petrol prices in the days to come, several Mylaporeans have even opted to make the MRTS their permanent mode of commutation and equipped themselves with season tickets.