Money makes many things inside Tamilnadu prisons

By M Bhaskar Sai Published on Sep 15, 2018 11:21 AM IST

Chennai: While a live wire pulled out from a switchboard, allegedly by techie Swathi murder suspect Ramkumar, killed him inside the Puzhal prison, live wires from switchboards in the same jail premises charged the batteries of smart phones of inmates who fall under 'privileged' category.

With the 'A' class treatment meted out to 'A' class prisoners making its way to the outside world, courtesy the selfies and other pictures clicked by the jailbirds themselves, officials were conducting raids at Puzhal. But 'inside' information reveals that the luxurious life being led by wealthy inmates is nothing new and this has been going on for years.

"If a prisoner has money and is ready to spend (read bribe jail authorities), he won't feel much difference between jail and his house. From home-cooked food to mobile to ganja to television, anything is available, but for a price - which is many times higher than the market rate. Some prison officials make huge money out of this," sources say.

Prison comforts.

Though there were incidents of seizure of ganja and mobile phones from prisons earlier too, what is worrying this time are the selfies clicked inside the jail premises, which reveal shocking information.

It is being alleged that 'state-of-the-art' facilities were being provided to people allegedly involved in serious offences, including bomb blasts, spying and fake note scam.

However, Additional Director General of Police (Prisons), Ashutosh Shukla, seeks to play things down and says the leaked pictures were from the Class-A ward of the prison, where inmates are allowed access to certain facilities, including television.

He says some prisoners were found charging mobiles with the help of television sets installed in the prison.

"We have removed the TV sets and a thorough probe is on as to how cellphones reached the prisoners," he said.

Prison selfie.

Stating that seven cellphones have been seized from Puzhal prison this month, he adds that strict action will be taken against those responsible for smuggling them inside. Though a resort turning into jail and jail turning into resort is not a new phenomenon for Tamilnadu, the 'puyal' surrounding Puzhal, it appears, will end up creating damage before it crosses the shore.