Long-standing issues solved by Chennaiites

By NT Bureau Published on Jan 13, 2018 03:26 PM IST

Chennai: Using the street for as an urinal is a nuisance felt in many places in T Nagar in the city and the residents are always at their wit’s end in to solve the issue.

Gopal Street, situated not far away from the bus terminus, seems to have found a solution for this issue, thanks to the sustained efforts of the residents here and the wholehearted co-ordination of the civic body.

Narrating the developments, Ramesh, a long time resident said, ‘"We suffered from the nuisance for several decades."

"Recently, after a discussion with officials of civic body, gravels were dropped on the affected area and fenced it with barricades. No outsider can enter and use the spot to relieve himself any more,’" he pointed out.

The association also organises functions to celebrate Republic and Independence days inviting every resident to take part in them.  They were also one of the first few streets in the area to have installed CCTV cameras to ensure safety of residents.