Karunanidhi passes away

By NT Bureau Published on Aug 08, 2018 04:24 PM IST
08 Aug, 16:24

Hectic activity at burial site near Anna samadhi as cortege begins to wind its way. 

08 Aug, 16:15

Crowds begin to gather at Anna Square.

08 Aug, 16:13

Karunanidhi  begins last journey to Marina.

08 Aug, 15:19

Gun carriage gets ready for Karunanidhi's last journey.

08 Aug, 14:41

Twenty-six persons including women cops injured in stampede. Injured being treated at Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital.

08 Aug, 14:39

Two reportedly dead during stampede at Rajaji Hall. 

08 Aug, 12:27

DMK leaders Durai Murugan, E V Velu and I Periyaswamy are supervising works at Marina. 

08 Aug, 12:24

Work begins at Marina burial site.

08 Aug, 11:35

DMK leaders leave for Marina to determine the burial site for Karunanidhi. They are discussing the various parameters for the cremation. 

08 Aug, 11:31

Congress MLA Vijayadharani arrives to pay last respects to Karunanidhi.

08 Aug, 11:30

CPI (M) leader Prakash Karat pays his tribute to Karunanidhi.

08 Aug, 11:29

Crowd abuses Modi in choice Tamil words

08 Aug, 11:28

Modi pays tribute and leaves. 

08 Aug, 11:13

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives at Rajaji Hall to pay his last tribute to Karunanidhi.  Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Fisheries Minister D Jayakumar accompanied him.

08 Aug, 10:58

DMK leader Durai Murugan says Karunanidhi has won a battle even after his death. 

08 Aug, 10:56

Stalin weeps on hearing judges order on allotting land in Marina for Karunanidhi. 

08 Aug, 10:45

Judges rule Karunanidhi must be cremated at Marina.

08 Aug, 10:37

Arguments end in HC. Order is being dictated at Madras High Court. Final order to come up shortly.

08 Aug, 10:30

Vadivelu pay tearful tribute to Karunanidhi

08 Aug, 10:28

A cadre who fainted is being taken in a stretcher by 108 employees. So far three people have fainted.

08 Aug, 10:19

Puducherry Chief Minister Narayanaswamy has issued a statement saying his government will install a life-size bronze statue of late DMK president M Karunanidhi.

08 Aug, 10:16

Actor and ‎Makkal Needhi Maiam‎ founder Kamal Haasan pays homage. 

08 Aug, 10:09

Judge to government advocates: Yesterday the government issued a press release saying there were legal hassles in granting a resting place for Karunanidhi at Marina. But the arguments suggest otherwise. All the petitioners have withdrawn the case.

08 Aug, 10:07

 Pattali Makkal Katch founder Ramadoss along with Anbumani Ramadoss, G K Mani and A K moorthy arrived to pay their tribute. 

08 Aug, 09:56

Vishal, 13-year-old from Vyasarpaadi has been leading the crowd with by raising the slogans 'Vendum vendum' while the people around him follow up with 'Marina vendum'. 

08 Aug, 09:52

Kollywood actor and comedian Gowdamani, actor Sathyaraj and Sibi Sathyaraj pays their tribute.

08 Aug, 09:49

Police have used wood inside barricade to regulate crowd.

08 Aug, 09:45

Crowd gets wild after spotting BJP National Secretary H Raja. Slogans raised against him.  

08 Aug, 09:43

Ladies in the queue getting crushed are demanding separate queue. 



08 Aug, 09:27

Actors Ajith, Shalini, Suriya, Rajini, Sivakumar, Soori, Kovai Sarala  paid their tribute. 

08 Aug, 09:23

MLA Karunas paays his tributes wearing a black shirt. 

08 Aug, 09:19

MGR Amma Deepa Peravai, General Secretary J Deepa along with Madhavan Krishnaswamy paid their tributes.

08 Aug, 09:07

EVKS Elangovan arrives to pay his tributes.

08 Aug, 08:59

Social activist Traffic Ramaswamy who filed a petition against the construction of any memorial at the Marina Beach has informed the Madras High Court that he has no objections to Karunanidhi being laid to rest at the location.

08 Aug, 08:54
Former Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy pays his last respects to Karunanidhi at Rajaji hall.
'Karunanidhi was not just Tamilnadu's Chief Minister. He was a national leader,' he said.
08 Aug, 08:20

Altercation between police personal and DMK cadres 

08 Aug, 08:11

MTC buses transporting CISF personal near Rajaji Hall

08 Aug, 08:07

HP fuel station at Gemini Circle and opposite Miot Hospital opposite is open. 

08 Aug, 00:31

Stalin , who always referred to his father Karunanidhi as Thalaivar - as did most of his family - wrote a moving letter on his death. 'Shall I call you Appa (Father) once, Thalaivare', he asks emotionally. I have called you Thalaivar more than father, he said in the letter soaked with sadness. He released the letter on Twitter. 

07 Aug, 23:53

The judgement will most likely be delivered after 1 am.  

07 Aug, 23:46

Advocates Wilson and Shanmugasundaram are arguing the case for the DMK.

07 Aug, 23:45

Senior advocate C S Vaidyanathan is appearing in the case on behalf of the government.

07 Aug, 23:42

Arguments in the Karunanidhi burial case begin.

07 Aug, 23:40

Court begins hearing on DMK case to allow Karunanidhi's cremation in the Marina.

07 Aug, 23:37

RSS ideologue and Thuglaq editor Gurumurthy says that only sitting chief ministers should  be buried in the Marina. Like other former chief ministers, Karunanidhi should also be buried near the IIT, he said.

07 Aug, 23:33

Actor Aiith Kumar conveys his condolences to the family of Karunanidhi.

07 Aug, 23:31

Superstar Rajinikanth is pushing his way through the crowd at Gopalapuram to pay his last respects to Karunanidhi.  

07 Aug, 23:30

AIADMK co-ordinator O Panneerselvam and co-coordinator Edappadi K Palaniswami have condoled the death of Karunanidhi.

07 Aug, 23:25

Thirumavalavan says Karunanidhi should be awarded Bharat Ratna posthumously.

07 Aug, 23:24

VCK leader Thirumavalavan says it is only right for the government to allot land  near Anna mausoleum in the Marina to cremate Karunanidhi. He calls him the leader of all Tamils. Just as space was found for Jayalalithaa at MGR's tomb, he said the government can find space in Anna's mausoleum for Karunanidhi.

07 Aug, 23:21

Bangla Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee pays her respects at Karunanidhi's Gopalapuram residence.

07 Aug, 23:18

Karunanidhi's body will be kept at his Gopalapuram residence  till 1 am for his family to pay their tributes and then it will be taken to the CIT residence of his daughter-MP Kanimozhi. 

07 Aug, 23:11

Justice S S Sundar has arrived at the residence of Acting Chief Justice Huluvadi Ramesh. 

07 Aug, 23:10

Bangla Chief Minister Mamata Banjeree says, if allowed, she would personally argue for Karunanidhi's cremation in Marina.

07 Aug, 23:05

Nadigar Sangam secretary Vishal says Karunanidhi had equanimity.

07 Aug, 23:02

DMK general secretary K Anbazhagan arrived at the Gopalapuram residence of Karunanidhi.

07 Aug, 22:59

Lawyers arrive at the residence of Acting Chief Justice who will hear the case about the government denying land in Marina to  bury Karunanidhi.

07 Aug, 22:58

A statement from the Union Home Ministry said there would be a day's mourning throughout the country. It added that the tricolour will fly at half-mast tomorrow in all States of the country. He would be accorded a State funeral, it said. 

07 Aug, 22:55

With leaders like MDMK founder Vaiko, Nanjil Manoharan raising their voice to give a burial spot for Karunanidhi in Marina,  Congress president Rahul Gandhi has also urged the Tamilnadu government  to allot land in Marina  for the DMK leader.  

07 Aug, 22:51

Bangla Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has arrived in Chennai.

07 Aug, 21:24

DMK has taken its case to bury Karunanidhi in Marina to the Madras High Court. The petition would be heard at 10.30 pm as a urgent case.

07 Aug, 21:20

The ambulance carrying Karunanidhi's body is being followed by hundreds of DMK cadres on way to his Gopalapuram house where it is said the body will be kept for the family to pay their respects till 1 am.

07 Aug, 21:18

Ambulance carrying Karunanidhi's body has left Kauvery Hospital and heads for Gopalapuram. 

07 Aug, 20:31

Congress president Rahul Gandhi will be in Chennai tomorrow to personally pay his last respects to Karunanidhi. 

07 Aug, 20:28

Tamilnadu Governor Banwarilal Purohit, who looked up Karunanidhi in hospital thrice in the 11 days, today expressed his condolences to his family. He traced the good work done by Karunanidhi for the welfare of the State. 

07 Aug, 19:44

PMK leader Dr S Ramadoss has conveyed his condolences to the family of Karunanidhi following his death.

07 Aug, 19:42

Congress president Rahul Gandhi said India has lost an illustrious son. He said Karunanidhi rode Tamil politics as a colossus.

07 Aug, 19:38

Karunanidhi is to be buried in the Marina. 

07 Aug, 19:37

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who met Karunanidhi when he was on an official visit to Chennai recently, is coming to Chennai tomorrow to convey his condolences personally to the nonagenarian's family.

07 Aug, 19:37

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who met Karunanidhi when he was on an official visit to Chennai recently, is coming to Chennai tomorrow to convey his condolences personally to the nonagenarian's family.

07 Aug, 19:36

Karunanidhi's son M K Stalin has urged DMK cadres to remain calm and disperse from the vicinity of Kauvery Hospital. He said everyone  from the party was indebted to the hospital for taking good care of their leader for more than a year and during the last 11 days, through day and night.