Karunanidhi health: Scenes witnessed in the hospital vicinity

By Mariayn Jennifer Published on Jul 30, 2018 05:53 PM IST

Chennai: No soon former chief minister and DMK president M Karunanidhi was admitted to Kauvery Hospital in Alwarpet Saturday, than party cadres from across the State started gathering in its vicinity with anxious faces to know about his health condition. A trip around the area throws up many images.


It's two side of a coin at Alwarpet. While a part of the area has a gloomy atmosphere, the rest does not seem to mind. Those living in the vicinity of Kauvery Hospital are getting used to the sights and sounds of party cadres dressed in white, policemen and mediapersons who have gathered there in large numbers. Others are adjusting to the traffic diversions and other changes on the road.


The road leading to the hospital from Luz has been blocked from Nageswara Rao Park till Alwarpet signal. The presence of OB vans in the vicinity has reduced the breadth of the main road. The stretch wears a desolate look, while the inner streets buzz with activity. A long line of VIP cars is parked one behind another on the main road. A few policemen sit in quiet corners of the messy surroundings, while one or two chose to divert themselves from the work by taking a selfie or two.


A group of men surrounding a chai wallah on a bicycle debate as to what is happening to their leader. While another group is on the look-out for press and mediapersons to voice their opinion. Cars can be seen coming out of the hospital, zipping through the quiet inner streets near the hospital even at midnight. Scores of men in white wave party flags at each passing vehicle.


Peanut vendors make a beeline to the vicinity of the the hospital, attracted by the huge crowd. For many party cadres, policemen and presspersons, this seems to be their only meal and they don't shy to indulge in it. The vendors are making a killing out of it.


Buses that ply through the main road have been diverted into smaller roads. One will be surprised to spot buses and share autos in the less-know bylanes of the neighbourhood.