Karunanidhi death: His health deteriorated around mid-July 2018

By NT Bureau Published on Aug 07, 2018 07:23 PM IST

Chennai: Here is the timeline of how DMK leader and former chief minister M Karunanidhi died after less than a month of falling ill.

* 19 July -  Karunandhi was admitted to Kauvery  Hospital to change the tracheostomy tube. But 4 pm on the same day, he was discharged and said to be in good cheer.

*  26 July - Karunanidhi was being treated at his Gopalapuram residence for urinary tract  infection and resultant fever.

* 28 July - Karunanidhi was admitted to the intensive care unit of Kauvery Hospital in early hours  after his blood pressure took a dip. Although his BP was stablised within two hours, he continued to be in the intensive care unit.

*  29 July - The hospital said Karunanidhi  suffered a 'transient' setback but  rallied back to normal.

* 31 July - For the  next one week, Karunanidhi's health condition had remained stable with the hospital saying he had  responded well to treatment.

* 6 August - The nonagenarian's  health condition declined. A medical bulletin issued by Kauvery Hospital executive director Dr Aravindan Selvaraj said, 'Maintaining his organ functions continues to remain a challenge considering his age-related ailments. He is on continuous monitoring and being treated with active medical support. His response to the medical interventions over the next 24 hours will determine the prognosis.'

* 7 August - Karunanidhi's health condition  'continues to be critical', doctors treating him said.

* 7 August - Kauvery Hospital announces that Karunanidhi passed away at 6.10 pm.