Karate student now teaches kids in Chennai area

By M P Jesu Priya Published on Oct 19, 2017 12:05 PM IST

Chennai: Ezhail's passion towards karate grew after he started watching Bruce Lee'’s fights. A resident of Kannagi Nagar, Velacheri in the city, he began formal training in this martial art when he was 19. His love for karate has made him teach it free of cost to other youngsters in the locality.

He is part of APJ Abdul Kamal Association in the area and works at a manufacturing company in the locality.

Speaking to News Today, he says, ‘"I saw my association manager, Mariswamy practising karate. He was a champion and my inspiration."

Ezhail, who won a State level competition in 2013, runs free karate classes on Wednesdays and Sundays in his association. People of all age groups come here to train. Presently he has about 20 students.

Ask how he juggles work and training, Ezhail says, ‘"Work and sports are equally important in my life. I work to earn money for my karate practice. First, I make a schedule which is convenient and easy to follow. I wake up at 5.30 am and practise till 7.30 am  and after that I will go to work. Then I practise again in the evening."

Explaining the strenuous training Ezhail undergoes, his association manager, Mariswamy says, ‘"It consists of both sports and skill training. He practises for four hours daily. Now that he runs his own karate classes, he gets support from his friends." However, Ezhail’'s journey has been tough. His parents were not supportive of his decision.

Ezhail believes that karate is not loved as cricket or hockey. So he took it upon himself to popularise this martial art.

"As I grow old, I want to concentrate on increasing the number of karate students in my area. That is why I have started my own tuition class for free,"’ he proudly says.

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