Kapali temple tank cleared of sewage water

By V Padmasini Published on Jul 27, 2018 05:19 PM IST

Chennai: After a month of complaints by residents around the Kapali temple tank at Mylapore in the city about the sewage flowing into it, the problem was fixed by Corporation staff last week.

Residents around Kapaleeswarar Temple in the locality had noticed the discharge of frothy, grey water into the tank through its inlet on South Mada Street for a month.

Suspecting that the smelly inflow is sewage, they had been complaining to temple officials to get the issue rectified, but there was no response they say.

“If the leak is not arrested, the ducks will be dead soon. The tank is said to be a source of freshwater but sludge has been entering the tank for long now. Officials had decided to turn a blind eye,” said a resident.

A Metrowater officials said that the leakage was in the underground drain at the intersection of RK Mutt Road and Venkatesa Agraharam. A sewage line and a storm water drain run very close to each other at this point.

A break in the sewage pipeline led to sewage seeping into the stormwater drain, which emptied into the temple tank. They cited a delay in getting permission to carry out work along RK Mutt Road as a cause for the hold-up.

According to Corporation sources, they were waiting for Metrowater to identify the point of leakage to plug it.

This is not the first time this problem has occurred here. According to the DC of the temple, D Kaveri this flowing of sewage water was first noticed about a month ago.

“It happened a second time a few days after that and again a third time last week. Every time it happened Metro Water and Corporation officials were informed immediately and a fix was provided. Storm water drains along 110 routes in Mylapore flow into the tank, leaving it brimming with water during rain.”