Jaya security officer found her most helpful

By Swedha Radhakrishnan Published on Jul 28, 2018 01:19 PM IST

Chennai: I served former Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa for 10 years as her security officer and always found her helping people. When she was in hospital and nearing her end, I was praying for a miracle and that she would get well, says J V Karupusamy, retired deputy superintendent of police.

He served Jayalalithaa from 2007-2016. After his retirement, he got a three-year extension to be her personal security officer. Karupusamy says he was the first police personnel in Tamilnadu to get promoted from constable to DSP.

Karupusamy spoke about his experience in serving Jayalalithaa - this is his first interview to any media - saying, "There were some complaints about the previous personal security officer, so they were looking for a police officer who will be true to the person he was working for. They chose me as Jayalalithaa’s personal security. It was an honour working for her. From Day 1 till the end, she has not questioned or commanded me to do anything. Amma was helpful to everyone: I have personally seen her helping many people. When she was in hospital, during the last few days of her struggle to live, I prayed for some miracle for her to get well."

Karupusamy also talks about the government post-Jayalalithaa's death, he said, "Earlier, all the Ministers were under her control; they were afraid to speak to her or take decisions. But now they are free to take any decision on their own. I cannot judge the present government."

Karupusamy is also a writer who has written 60 songs. He has written many songs on Jayalalithaa that have been brought out in CD form and played during party meetings. Among them, the song 'Vazhavaikkum Dheivame' was usually played as a welcome song during Jayalalithaa meetings.

After his retirement, the police officer started a trust called 'Summaadu', through which he conducts awareness programmes for school and college students on equality among people.


The most touching response I received was from a college girl. She said she was not able to communicate in English with anyone, and it had been three months since she had spoken to her parents and friends.

She had even thought of committing suicide. But after listening to the speech and songs after one such awareness meeting, she walked up to the stage and started crying and shared her story. Though it was heartbreaking, it also made me happy that she said she had changed her mind,’ said Karupusamy.

Karupusamy's journey

Basically from Sathanur in Ramanathapuram, after completing his SSLC, Karupusamy came to Chennai in 1974. When I was 17, I wanted to start a career in cinema, but they didn't let him inside the studio.

"One day, when I was in search of a job, people were going in groups somewhere. I asked a young man where they were headed and he said they were selecting people for police work. I joined along. Though the certificate said I was fit for the job, I was not selected because I was underage. Then, I got hope that I will be selected the next time. So, I took necessary practice and took up BA, BL. Then, after I completed 18 years, I went for selection again and got posted in Guindy police station as constable. I was posted as sub-inspector in the same police station. In 1993, I became part of the security force for former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa," he recalled.

Karupusamy has a way of dealing with criminals. "I don't punish anyone for their crime, instead I would advise them and make them come out of the addiction or problem they were facing. Every day, even as a police personnel, I used to conduct awareness programmes for all residents' association," Karupusamy said.